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Affiliate marketing a revenue sharing venture between a product owner and the affiliates. It is an arrangement where the affiliate agrees to promote and sell the merchants products and certain percentage of the sales is credited to the affiliate. Residual income is that money that you keep receiving with minimal effort. In this article you will be exposed to how you can build residual income with affiliate marketing.

  1. Find a product with recurring commission

There are products that you can promote as an affiliate and it will earn you recurring commission. By recurring commission, I mean products that pay a periodic subscription fee. With these types of products, you only need to get people to buy it once and they will keep paying a recurring fee of which certain percent is yours. Look for products with recurring payment plan and promote them. This is your sure way to earning residual income with affiliate marketing

  1. Promote regular products

You can also build a residual income with affiliate marketing by promoting regular products as an affiliate marketer. But you will have to find hot selling products in different niches to promote. By doing this consistently, you will build a passive source of income with the many products you are promoting.

  1. Build a blog and promote your affiliate product

The fastest way to start earning money with your affiliate marketing business is to build a blog and promote the product on it. I will advise you to use a paid blog in this regard, because it affords you full control of the platform. Drive traffic to it and starting receiving your commission.

  1. Joint partnership

You can venture into a joint partnership business with an individual or product owner and agree on revenue sharing terms. Once this is done, you can start selling on behalf of the product owner and earn affiliate commission in the process.

  1. Network marketing

There are several network marketing businesses out there with affiliate privileges. All you need to do is join the network marketing business and start promoting the products as an affiliate. Once done successfully, you can build a reliable residual income doing it.

Affiliate marketing is by far the most reliable way to earn money online if you do not have a product of your own. Explore all the points highlighted above and you will build a residual income source with affiliate marketing.


There are lots of effective and efficient ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. Today we shall be looking at some proven techniques that have worked for me over the years and how you can apply them to your marketing drive as well.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your blog by way of optimizing it with the right keywords you are targeting. This is a process known as search engine optimization, where you specifically incorporate your targeted keywords into key areas of your blog or website. This is done by adding your keywords in the posts, meta tags, anchor text, article directories etc. The aim of optimizing your blog with your target keyword is to ensure that the search engines identify and establish your blog in that niche. Once the search engine is able to index your blog for a particular keyword, it will try to link your blog with related search terms in the search engine, thereby bringing targeted visitors to your blog.

Another effective way to get traffic to your blog is through the use of article marketing. In this scenario, articles are written with the targeted keyword imbedded in the Title, First Paragraph, Once in every other Paragraph and in the last Paragraph. Such articles are submitted to article directories which in return gives back links to your blog or website through your signature.

Forum marketing is another effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog. You only need to join popular forums related to your market or niche. Better still, look for a forum where your target audiences are and become a member. Make valuable contributions through your posts, make it a point of duty to offer helpful tips and answer questions related to your niche. People who find your post valuable will seek to check your blog or website through your signature. Forums also have a way of increasing your ranking in the search engine, especially if the forums are very popular.

Blog commenting is the art of seeking out similar popular blogs in your niche and contributing by way of adding your voice to the posts, comments or views. Leaving a link back to your blog will help interested persons to visit your blog; it can also improve your ranking on the search engines.

Consistent posting is another good way to drive targeted traffic to your blog. Content they say is king and having lots of content is an added advantage to your quest of driving targeted traffic to your blog or website. Because the search engines love blogs that are constantly updated, hence they will keep visiting, indexing and driving targeted traffic to such blog.

The use of web 2.0 properties cannot be over emphasized in the quest to drive traffic to a blog. Incorporating the use of and will go a very long way at achieving your traffic needs. These web 2.0 properties have a very high ranking in the search engines, hence having a link from them will also boost your blog profile in the search engines and drive targeted traffic to your blog/website.

Social bookmarking sites are other great ways to boost your traffic needs, endeavor to consider them in your traffic generation activities because they have a way of adding credibility to your backlinks.

We have discussed free and effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog or website, incorporating them in your traffic generation routine will greatly give a boot to your website visitors.

How to Find Ideas To Write About On Your Blog

These days creating a blog is not the issues but, getting ideas to talk about on your blog is the real thing that sustains you. Like they say, content is king and when you have the right content on your blog, then people will keep visiting and the search engines will love indexing and scoring your blog high. In this article, I will be showing you how to get the right ideas to blog about.

Content is what keeps your blog going and if you really want to succeed as a blogger, you will have to devise a means of constantly updating your blog with the right content.

Before you build a blog, make sure you have an outline of what you really want to achieve. By this I mean you should have come up with a theme your blog is going to be built around. For instance, if you plan to build a blog around “Marriage and Living a Fulfilled life” then you will have to do all the research to ensure that you get the right contents, articles, suggestions, opinions, ideas etc that leads towards building a successful marriage and living a fulfilled life.

One of the best ways to come up with ideas for your blog is through a lifetime or personal experience. That is why great blogger have advised that you should blog on what you are passionate about. By so doing, you will never run out of ideas since it emanates from the inside and through a first time experience.

Magazine and books are other good sources of ideas for your blog. No matter what it is you intend blogging about, there is a book or magazine somewhere about that issues. Search through books and magazines related to your theme and you will be amazed at the type of valuable ideas you will get.

Another source of getting ideas to blog about is by way of interviewing experts and extracting excerpt from the interview and publish it as content on your blog. There are times when you discover a niche with a large market which you may not have an idea about. In a case like this, you could get an expert in that field, ask some questions by way of interview and then add the content to your blog. The interview should be an ongoing process, because the more experts you interview, the more ideas you will get.

Ideas can also come from other blogs and forums related to your niche; this is by far the most easiest and handy way to come up with ideas for your blog. Look for popular and related blogs and forums in your niche get an idea from issues they are blogging or discussing about and then incorporate the idea in your own way into your blog. Do not copy their ideas word for word!

The internet is another source of getting ideas for your blog, the internet you will agree with me is the largest source of information on earth. Hence just adding it to your source of research might just be a way of getting the right information to blog about. You will be amazed at the quality of ideas you will get on the internet.

Let me also remind you that the various sources mentioned above are meant to get you ideas to talk about on your blog. Read through any source that comes handy to you to get an idea of what to talk about and then write your own version in the best way you understood the idea. Put in mind that your blog is meant to inform, educate and to solve the many problems your visitors may already have. Hence, your content should aim to fulfill all of these purposes.

That is it; you don’t have an excuse not to start a blog today. We have given you all the right places where you can get ideas to talk about on your blog. All you need to do now is to decide and start one today.

What You Need To Know About A Blog

What is a blog? This is the same question that has been lingering in virtually all make money forums I have visited in recent time. In this article I will tell you what a blog is and how you can start a profitable business online with a blog.

A blog is an online journal or dairy where people record their every day experiences about life events. A blog could be maintained by any one, provided you can update it frequently with relevant content. The good thing about a blog is that search engine loves them due to the frequency of contents they receive.

Unlike a traditional website which requires the knowledge of an HTML code and other skills to get started, with a blog you do not need all that kind of techie stuff. Anyone can actually start a blog especially with the different platforms available on the internet today.

The two most popular blogging platforms are wordpress and blogger, while is a free platform, avails you the opportunity to start a blog with paid platform. The one you choose depends on what you want to achieve in your blogging adventure.

The art of setting up a blog and consistently adding content to it is known as blogging. Blogging is a science that involves the human mind and everything it entails. You can start a blog on virtually any issues in life, as a matter of fact; anything concerning human activities is worth blogging about.

The aim of a blogger is to grasp the attention of his readers and provide them valuable information that will be helpful to them. When a visitor to a blog gets what he wants, he will keep coming back for more updates. The key word here is to make your blog interesting and loaded with valuable information on the topic you are blogging about.

Before you start blogging make sure you have a theme or topic you would like to focus on. For instance, if your theme is to blog about “women as home makers”, your focus here is on women and everything that will make her a perfect home maker.

The next thing you would want to do here is to make sure you do a proper research on your chosen theme or topic. This is to ensure that you always get the right information to post on your blog. Once you have established yourself as an expert in your chosen niche, then you will be amazed at the number of followers you will get on a daily basis. Ordinarily visitors to your blog will keep coming back for more valuable information.

Now that we have established that people will keep visiting your blog once you have valuable content posted therein. You need to also know how to make money with your blog, while there are several ways to achieve this; I will be showing you a few which I have been using for quite a long time now.

One of the most effective ways to make money with your blog is by selling other peoples products. This is also known as affiliate marketing. It works in such a way that you will market or promote products or services that are related to your chosen theme or topic. By so doing, you can recommend such products or services to your loyal visitors who by now would have established a relationship with you. You make money when your visitors buy through your affiliate link. Usually under this type of arrangement, a certain percentage is paid to you for your effort.

Another good way to make money with your blog is by selling advert space on it. Once your blog becomes very popular and receives lots of visitors, you can decide to sell advert space to big organizations that will pay you huge amount of money to have their banners on your blog. You could bill them per day or per month depending on how popular your blog becomes.

You can sell your own products or services on your blog. This is by far the most lucrative way to make money with your blog. While publishing valuable contents on your blog, people will respect you and take to your advice or recommendation on related issues. By so doing you can also present your products or services to your visitors as a solution to that which they seek.

I have talked extensively about blogging and how you can make money online with it. I now leave it to you to make your decision.