Stephen Enis Adetolu is my name; I am Blogger, an Internet Marketer, and a Business coach. I am married and blessed with two adorable kids (Stephenie and Peter).

Very sincerely, I enjoy working on the internet from the comfort of my home simply because, it gives me all the freedom I need to be with my family and also earn a living.

Besides engaging in internet marketing activities, I am a full time member of Smart Choice International (SCI).  In my quest to become financially free, I discovered the internet to be the only source and SCI the medium to achieve that. (Residual Income Stream)

Basically, I enjoy being with my family and writing valuable articles to help others succeed in all sphere of life.

This blog is dedicated to everyone who desire to earn residual income on the internet. To give all the tips, advice and information you will need to become a success at what you do.

Feel free to explore the content, and where necessary, do not hesitate to ask me any questions relating to making money on the internet.

I run lots of other legitimate online businesses and also offer valuable services on internet business related activities.

It’s a Pleasure Having You Here

Stephen Enis Adetolu