Affiliate marketing a revenue sharing venture between a product owner and the affiliates. It is an arrangement where the affiliate agrees to promote and sell the merchants products and certain percentage of the sales is credited to the affiliate. Residual income is that money that you keep receiving with minimal effort. In this article you will be exposed to how you can build residual income with affiliate marketing.

  1. Find a product with recurring commission

There are products that you can promote as an affiliate and it will earn you recurring commission. By recurring commission, I mean products that pay a periodic subscription fee. With these types of products, you only need to get people to buy it once and they will keep paying a recurring fee of which certain percent is yours. Look for products with recurring payment plan and promote them. This is your sure way to earning residual income with affiliate marketing

  1. Promote regular products

You can also build a residual income with affiliate marketing by promoting regular products as an affiliate marketer. But you will have to find hot selling products in different niches to promote. By doing this consistently, you will build a passive source of income with the many products you are promoting.

  1. Build a blog and promote your affiliate product

The fastest way to start earning money with your affiliate marketing business is to build a blog and promote the product on it. I will advise you to use a paid blog in this regard, because it affords you full control of the platform. Drive traffic to it and starting receiving your commission.

  1. Joint partnership

You can venture into a joint partnership business with an individual or product owner and agree on revenue sharing terms. Once this is done, you can start selling on behalf of the product owner and earn affiliate commission in the process.

  1. Network marketing

There are several network marketing businesses out there with affiliate privileges. All you need to do is join the network marketing business and start promoting the products as an affiliate. Once done successfully, you can build a reliable residual income doing it.

Affiliate marketing is by far the most reliable way to earn money online if you do not have a product of your own. Explore all the points highlighted above and you will build a residual income source with affiliate marketing.


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