Residual income is that income that you receive over and over again for applying a onetime effort. Residual income used to be restricted to some professions.

Due to the present day reality everybody is creating some sort of residual income in order to cushion the effect of the future uncertainty. While creating a residual income used to be the an exclusive reserve for few people in the past, today the internet is making it possible for everyone who is desirous of securing a better future to create at least one passive income stream.

Imagine you having a monthly income stream of $2,500 which does not require any effort from you. Do you know, that would amount to $30,000 in the bank accruing at 6% interest??

It’s a difficult thing for us to save up to a million dollars, but with the help of the internet, we can create a residual income stream that generates five thousand dollars every month with very little hard work.

Here are some steps to creating a residual income leveraging the internet.

1. Network marketing is a business concept where you get paid on the hard work of others as well as the labors of yourself. This is attained through leveraging your time and duplicating your efforts.

Network marketing works through the concept of building a network of distributors. It is possible that you only have 10 hours a week to invest into your network marketing business, imagine if you had a downline of 20 people who also have 10 hours a week, your business would have expanded to having over 400 hours a week being invested into it.,

This is the most powerful concept ever know to man, it is called leverage. The building a strong income base by leveraging on the effort of others. The larger your downline becomes, the more money you can make. Fortunately, it is possible to build a large network marketing business all over the world using the internet provided you have your own website and follow-up system online.

2. Another way to build residual income is through a concept knows as affiliate marketing business model. In this business model, with affiliate marketing, especially 2-tier affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to recruit a front line of sales people who earn you commissions whenever they make sales.

Network marketing and 2-tier affiliate marketing are capable of creating residual income for yourself on the internet today. Provided you are committed to it.

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