First, you must realize and accept the fact that God created you for increase. He created you so that you can multiply, be fruitful and increase. Its a basic truth that you must come to terms with.

The power to what you want to be, get what you want you desire, to accomplish: whatever you are striving for, abides within you. Its rests with you only to bring it forth and put it to work. You must learn how to do that, of course, but the first essential is to realize that you possess this power, your first objective is to get acquainted with it.

Psychologists and philosophers  the world over are agreed on this-that MIND is all that counts.You can be whatever you make up your mind to be. You need not be sick. You need not be unhappy. You need not be poor. You need not be unsuccessful. You are not a mere clod. You are not a beast of burden, doomed to spend your days in unremitting labor in return for food and housing. You are one one of the lords of the Earth, with unlimited potentialities. Within you is a power which, properly grasped and directed, can lift you out of the rut of mediocrity and place you among the Elect of the earth.

Your body is for all practical purposes merely a machine which the mind uses. This mind is usually thought of as consciousness, but the conscious part of your mind is in fact the very smallest part of it. 90% of your mental life is subconscious  , so when you make active use of only the conscious part of your mind, you are using but a fraction of your real ability, YOU ARE RUNNING ON A LOW GEAR! AND THE REASON WHY MANY PEOPLE DO NOT ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN LIFE IS BECAUSE SO MANY OF THEM ARE CONTENT TO RUN ON LOW GEAR ALL THEIR LIVES-on surface energy. If only these same people would only throw into the fight the resistless force of their subconscious and super-conscious minds, they would be amazed at their undreamed-of capacity for winning success.

I hope you are follow? please do, cos I am taking you somewhere and you will bless the day you were born once you get there. How to achieve all your heart desire!

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